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This is my first blog.  Ever.  I am technologically challenged, so even to be writing online at this point seems like some sort of miracle.   I’m learning as I go here, so I will most likely go back and edit multiple times.

My main goal is to get my hundreds of pages of concert journals online and share with anyone who might be interested in reading about the joys of  live music.  Maybe it will motivate the reader to go out and see a live show and experience a similar positive reaction.

I’m not a music critic by any means, but a huge music fan.  A self-proclaimed married groupie.  I know a little about a lot of things on music and musicians, and I’m not a scholar of music or expert on any musical subject or musician, which might be frustrating to some of you musicophiles.   I don’t always have all the details I’d like or the time to research, so bear with me.  I’m not anal enough to write every song of every set list, or know the middle names of  musicians, etc.  Just please bear with me, as this is definitely a work in progress.  I wrote most of my journals within a couple of days of seeing a show, without many revisions.  Therefore, many of them will seem unpolished or incomplete and read more like a diary.  I will try to fill in details as I go, without destroying the essence of the original journals.  I’ve been keeping journals for years, and have kept just about every concert ticket and article on the bands and musicians I’ve seen.  What I’m hoping to do here is to share the joy.  Music, especially live music, feeds my soul.

I think I’ll start with my most recent concert, which just took place Saturday, January 2, 2010. I enjoy the experience of going out to see shows, but also like to record information about where we ate or where we stayed in town.  I’ll work backwards from here when I have the time to go through the previous journals.  I work, play, have a family, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to do this, but just happy I got started.


Tom Landa of The Paperboys


Concert Season 2010

Saturday, January 2

 The Paperboys

Opener: The Kings of Outlaw Country

Tractor Tavern, Seattle (Ballard), WA

We started out the year right by going to see The Paperboys at the Tractor, our favorite music venue. Sure, there are only two stalls in the ladies’ bathroom, and sure, you’re in for a 4 hour session of standing in a very warm and sometimes stinky crowd. But there’s always a good time had by all. P. gave me the tickets for Christmas, since I am always telling him I’d rather have an experience than receive gifts.

The show didn’t start until 9:00, so we decided to leave around 5:30 to first get some food. We should have made reservations somewhere, but we usually just wing it. There are so many choices in Ballard. I really felt like going somewhere different this time. P. had read about a good little Mexican café called Senior Moose. After 15 minutes trying to find a good parking spot, we were able to get close to the Tractor. We walked a block or so up and over to Sr. Moose. Unfortunately, even though it was only about 6:15, the line was out the door. We gave up and walked around the block to see what else was around. We almost settled on The Matador, but had just been there in November when we saw North Twin. So we walked across the street to Lombardi’s, an Italian restaurant that has been in Ballard for a few decades, I believe.

We were pleasantly surprised to get seated immediately. We checked out the menu and ordered something unusual instead of the usual spaghetti or fettuccine. P. ordered chicken cacciatore with polenta and I ordered pumpkin ravioli. The ravioli were so flavorful! You could taste the pumpkin and nutmeg! I think they also had caramelized onions mixed in, and the sauce was a sage cream. There was also yellow squash cubed and cooked just right on the side. Oh, and pancetta cooked crisp and sprinkled on the top of the ravioli! To die for! Every bite was a little mouth orgasm! P. enjoyed his chicken, too. We also shared a nice salad with poached pears, walnuts and goat cheese. So yummy! I had an “ok” glass of red wine, which was Lombardi’s signature Yakima Valley wine, but I guess nothing will ever compare to the wine we had in Italy! [That sounded snobby, but that was a trip of a lifetime, which will be shared at some point in a different blog].

We tried to eat slowly, and I would have stayed longer, but the place was getting packed around us. We decided to leave just before 7:30. Still having time to kill (heaven forbid we’d have to find a place and just talk! Ha) we went to another new place for us, a little brew pub right next to Hattie‘s Hat. It only served beer and wine, but it did have a menu, so we decided to order dessert and port wine. The dessert, although small, was delicious. It was a warmed brownie with walnuts served with very delicious vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzled over the whole mess. Yum! We were quite stuffed. We had a nice conversation there. It wasn’t real crowded, so we were able to talk without yelling. I told him I felt I needed to do something with all my writing. He suggested I start my blog, [ta-da] just like Paul Griffith [drummer from Daddy, Nervous Wrecks–and that’s another future blog] told me to do! I think I will do that this week. We gave up on our dream of owning a bar and hiring the bands. Too much work and too much to invest. So we’re on to new adventures this year, I hope. Everyone keeps asking us where we’re going this year, but I just want to get through the year with my job intact and money in the bank!

We still had about 45 minutes to kill, so we walked next door to Hattie’s Hat, just a door down from the Tractor. Had a drink at Hattie’s, but it was pretty crowded, too. Finally, on to the Tractor.

There was a small line to get in, but it went fast. The first band, the Kings of Outlaw Country got started right on time. They are a Seattle band and play covers of Waylon Jennings, Robert Earl Keen (Christmas song) and some Cash. They were alright, lively, fun. The lead singer could be Tim Curry’s brother. The bass player was a very cute, spunky young woman with pink hair. She could be Band Camp’s sister.

There was an intermission and the crowd grew larger. Everyone was there to see the Paperboys. We were lucky and had our little place right in front of the stage, just to the left of the lead. We usually camp out all the way to the left, closer to the bathrooms and water. We were happy to have a little table to place our drinks and camera, though.

The Paperboys

The Paperboys, fromVancouver, consist of eight people: lead singer/guitar (a little guy with a big voice); a flute player who was originally from Scotland–very vibrant, bouncy, gangly with long legs and arms in constant motion; a talented drummer; violinist (Not the same blonde-haired girl who played with them in June, much to my husband’s disappointment) who was versatile in both Irish traditional tunes, original Paperboys music, and various Mexican, Reggae, and Skaa influences; bass player, also proficient on banjo; and a horn section with sax, trumpet and trombone. They have such a unique blend of Irish, Mexican, Caribbean sounds. It’s hard to pinpoint a genre on them. Very mixed, extremely fun. We smiled all night. [I’ll eventually add names of the band members and with any luck, a set list]


They played a very long set and took a short intermission in the middle. I wasn’t sure I could make it to the end, but I thought if the “silver fox” flute guy could do it, so could I! We ended up leaving before the encore. I was toast. We didn’t get out often enough to refill on water, so I got so thirsty. It was really hot near the stage. We had a good crowd around us until the last 20 minutes, when this dumb girl shoved her way in between me and the woman on my right. So irritating. Usually, the Tractor crowds, although somewhat drunk, are well-behaved. The girl finally left when she couldn’t get us to budge. So rude. There was another couple in the spot by the bathrooms that were really cute. Turns out they met on a first date 10 years before at a Paperboys show. They have since married, so they were out celebrating. They sent a note up on the stage explaining that. Very adorable couple.

So then we snuck out before the encore. Before leaving our spot, I decided to nab a set list. A girl started yelling at me that they would need that for the encore. I rolled my eyes at her as I replaced the list on the stage. [Therefore, no set list]

Tom and Kalissa

We weren’t exactly hungry, but we hadn’t eaten since 7:30 and now it was 1 am. We decided to go to Dick’s in Lake City. My tummy wasn’t feeling very well after all that rich food, as well as the 2 cups of coffee I had at the Tractor. I wasn’t planning on getting any food, but couldn’t resist Dick’s–ha.  Anyway, I ended up just getting a plain burger and asked P. to share some fries. He didn’t want very many fries, so I ended up eating most of them. Ugh, they were so greasy. So I crawled in bed and my blood pressure shot up. I didn’t drink enough water, then had to contend with a grease ball in my stomach.  After at least and hour and a half, I finally drank enough water to calm down and drift off. I’m beat today.

But we had a great night of good conversation, great food, and fantastic music.

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