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North Twin and Paperboys 6.7.2009

Diary written June 8, 2009 
North Twin: Tony Fulgham-vocals/guitars; Rebecca Young-bass/vocals; Tim DiJulio-guitars/vocals; Rick Cranford-drums/vocals
Paperboys: Tom Landa-vocals/guitars [I will find names of the other musicians and add at a later date] 
Finally. Another real show. Tractor Tavern last night. Two bands: North Twin (opener) and headliners The Paperboys. Both amazing, both a rollicking good time.

We got to Ballard around 8:00 and spent about 45 minutes just trying to find a parking space! It was crazy down there. Everyone was out enjoying the mild weather, so the restaurants were flowing out to the curb with people. Also, there was a strange bicycle race just south of Market Street, and the cops blocked off the side streets. The bikes must have made pretty tight turns in the two-block course. All the participants and cyclists parked alongside the course, which happened to be about a block from the Tractor, so we were screwed for parking. We drove around and around, hoping something would open up. Finally, people started leaving, so we were able to park about two blocks away.

We got to the Tractor about 9:00, but decided we were too hungry to go in just yet, so we ended up at Hattie’s Hat next door for some amazing salmon quesadillas and a cocktail. We love Hattie’s. It’s another dive bar with a few booths and a beautiful old walnut bar that must be at least 100 years old. They always serve good comfort food, much better than the bar standard. The Tractor doesn’t serve anything but nuts, so we knew we’d better eat before we committed to the 4 hours we’d spend there. We got lucky, and because of the bike race, they extended the start time of North Twin to 9:30. We walked right in and nabbed our little spot by the stage just in time for the show.

North Twin consisted of 5 musicians including a female bass player that looked like a smaller-featured version of Sheryl Crow. They were country-rock, leaning toward a big rock sound on some of the guitar solos. Very lively and entertaining. We enjoyed every song. 

The Paperboys had a Celtic sound, but also infused rock, reggae, and Latino grooves. We loved them! Their seven-piece band consisted of lead singer/guitar, bass, long, blonde-haired twenty something female fiddle (I think P was in love with her, or possibly the bass player from North Twin, or both), flute/recorder (who was a real kick to watch), drummer, trumpet, sax. We heard loads of lively music, a Celtic medley, a couple of other songs where they kept the same tempo/key and would throw in popular song verses, and lots of original stuff from an upcoming new album. A foot-stomping, hand-clapping good time. 

I should have brought the camera [Picture of North Twin shown is from show in October 2009].  I love watching the musicians’ faces, watching how much fun they are having, watching their reaction to the crowd, watching the crowd’s reaction and interaction with the band. We were on the far left side of the small stage and had a sideways view of the band. It’s a good spot, close to the water and the restrooms, and also not in the speaker blast zone. I like looking across the stage as the musicians line up at the mics. I missed my camera. We saw P’s “dad“, a man who looked so much like him, sitting at a little table on the other side of the stage. He was there with his tiny white-haired wife, and they were just living it up. He didn’t move around much, just watched and smiled. She was wiggling and clapping along in her chair. I told P, “That’s us in 30 years!” I hope so. I enjoyed myself so much last night. 

I love discovering bands and getting to experience them for the first time. Sometimes it’s hit-and-miss at the Tractor. They always seem to have quality shows, and the openers have usually been good, but sometimes I just don’t get into the style of music. Some of the folk artists have been too slow for me, or the female voices a little nasally to handle for more than ½ hour. The women in both of these bands backed up the lead singers and had beautiful, harmonic voices. And they were damn good on their instruments. At one point near the end of the show, the fiddle player broke a couple of horse hairs off her bow. She bit them off with her teeth and kept going! 

Afterward, we stopped in at Dick’s for Dick’s Special burgers, chocolate shake and root beer float. Yum! 

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