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The Gourds 2.14.2008

February 14, 2008 

The Gourds at the Tractor 

The Gourds are special to P and me.  They were a great band to see on Valentines Day to lift the spirits and enjoy with the company of loved ones. We stayed in a hotel in the U-District, of all places. Seems weird for Cougs to be in Dawg country. I think it was called the Deco Hotel, and was recently renovated in that style.  We enjoyed its cozy atmosphere in the heart of such a busy, noisy District.   We ate downstairs in the very quiet, dimly lit, little hotel restaurant. We had some good food, drinks, great conversation, and even got the knowing, admiring smiles of an older couple who were also there celebrating Valentines Day. 

The Gourds are a full-on, in-your-face, full-body, mind, spirit show. I just love their Cajun/Tex-Mex sound. The keep the place hopping for hours. Afterward, I had Kevin and Jimmy sign my CD.   We spoke with Kevin briefly, then we snuck backstage to talk to Jimmy, the bass player, who looked exhausted and was slumped down on the couch.  He was courteous, slurred he was really tired, signed his name and drew lines all over a page of the liner notes! I mentioned something about leaving our boy at home this time, but he told us The Gourds were his favorite band at Bumbershoot. Jimmy asked how old our boy was (12), and how he missed his own boys. We let him be after that, and taxied back to our hotel. 

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