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Blues Traveler 11.24.2007

November 24, 2007 Blues Traveler at the Showbox
Blues Traveler was on my list of people to see before they or I die. John Popper’s harmonica playing is legendary. He now lives in Snohomish, so I figured it wouldn’t be long before he came out of his shell and played again. I guess they have a new/old album out that is a remake or cover of their old favorites. We really enjoyed his harmonica works and powerful vocals, but the standing in the mix of an overly drunk and pushy crowd for over 3 hours really got to us.
Before the show, we went to the Fox Sports Bar, just around the corner from our hotel, The Grand Hyatt. We stayed several hours and watched the Apple Cup (Cougs won!!) from a comfy couch.
We walked to the Showbox, right across the street from Pike Place Market.  We were able to stand pretty close to the stage, maybe 20 feet away.  There was an opening act, so we were afraid to lose our place by leaving until Blues Traveler came on. So we struggled through the standing and the waiting. Finally they came on just after 10:00. I think we left by 11:00, after hearing most of the old favorites.
We’ve decided we’re not very tolerant of drunk and pushy people anymore, especially when they’re older than we are!
We taxied back to the Grand Hyatt, which was really nice. I’d stay there again.  We had a long day, and ended it with having some appetizers at a Japanese restaurant across the street from our hotel.   


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