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Brent Amaker and the Rodeo 10.5.2007

October 5, 2007 Brent Amaker and the Rodeo 


We couldn’t pass up another opportunity to see Brent Amaker! They had been in Belgium and other parts of Europe for a while on tour, so we lost track of them through the late summer/fall time. We stayed at the Sheraton this time, which was nice, but more of a business hotel. Taxied in to the Tractor again. 

We were ready to meet the band this time. First thing we did was bring their cd around to get it signed. We talked to Brent for a while, who was actually very charming and not so gruff as his Rodeo persona. He encouraged us to go around to the other guys and have them sign it as well. We found as many as we could, but then they had to take the stage. 

I met a girl in the bathroom who said she found out about them by accident. She was taking a plane to Europe, and they were on the same plane! They wore their black costumes and hats on the plane!!! What a sight they must have been getting off that plane and in some European airport! I guess they really eat up that over-the-top Americana stuff over there, according to Brent. 


I took part in the communion this time, which really sent me over the edge. We drank a little too much that night, but had a rowdy, great time. Again without friends, but oh well. We have learned to enjoy each other’s company this year and it’s been great. 

After the show, we met the drummer, Curtis. He’s about 6’5” and skinny as a rail. He has a bass drum and an upright snare drum, and I believe one cymbal. Very rockabilly. He immediately plopped his hat on my head so P could take our picture. He said he remembers my taking communion. Yep, that was me. Then this other drunk guy jumped in the middle of our conversation and started talking to Curtis. So P told the guy he’d take their pic, but it would look better if he kissed Curtis. The guy obliged, and that became one of my favorite pics. I posted it on my desktop screen at work for the rest of the year! The look on Curtis’ face…the shame and pain, is priceless! 

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