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Brent Amaker and the Rodeo 12.14.2007

December 14 Brent Amaker and the Rodeo at the High Dive in Fremont 

For the third time this year, we saw The Rodeo.  This time, we were celebrating my birthday.  We stayed at the Residence Inn, right across from Hooters on Lake Union. We got a kick out of our “waterfront” view of Hooters. We ate at Chandlers before the show, and enjoyed some nice seafood in a quiet atmosphere. 

The Rodeo played at the High Dive in Fremont.  We liked it, but it was totally loud. I was smart and wore ear plugs this time. We did have seats, but there were two opening bands. 

We ended up leaving before the Rodeo came on and went to El Camino, across the street for some awesome mole enchiladas. We got back just in time and moved to the front of the bar to watch the show. 

The guys were great once again, rowdy, full of cuss words, whoopin’ and hollerin’. They had a huge number of shot glasses brought up for communion. This time, I decided to decline, and glad I did. We didn’t spend any time chatting with the band. This very big-breasted lady was pushing her boobs up to all the guys, so I didn’t think I wanted to compete with that. Each one weighed more than my legs.  We had fun people-watching and getting up close to the stage for the full Rodeo experience.   A nice birthday night out. 

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