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The Avett Brothers at the Paramount 07.18.10

The Avett Brothers

We had a nice evening of food, conversation and music on Sunday evening.  We would have loved to stay across the street at the Paramount Hotel, but we needed to get home and go to work the next day.  We’ll bank that for a fall or winter retreat.  We drove in to Seattle about 6:00 and quickly found a little covered parking area east of the freeway on Pike.  We then hoofed it back toward the Paramount Theatre.  On the way by the theatre, I checked out the tour bus parked outside and happened to see The Boys walking toward it!  I was holding P’s hand and pulled hard to make him stop a moment.  He said he felt like he had a big fish on the line! There’s the band!! The light turned, and we had to keep moving to get across the street.  I had a fleeting feeling of running up the sidewalk and getting their autographs.  But alas, my shyness and sensibility prevailed. 

We decided to get some dinner at Von’s.  Our first choice was Machiavelli’s, a little Italian restaurant right next to the Baltic Room, but it was closed on Sunday.  Bummer!  Von’s was a good second choice.  They have some serious home-style grub.  I settled for a thick, open-faced turkey sandwich (the turkey was roasted and carved that day) with brown gravy and potatoes.  There was also broccoli and cranberry sauce on the plate.  P ordered a teriyaki pork dish, but it was a very small portion for him.  I shared some of my thanksgiving meal with him.  I also ordered a pomegranate cosmo and P had his usual Manny’s. 

Next to us (the tables were very close together) was a couple from Brussels.  P started up a conversation with them and they said they’d just arrived from an Alaska cruise.  They went on the same cruise we did a few years ago, so we compared stories.  They were nice and were happy to talk to some Seattleites.  

After they left, we met a couple from Nashville who had been up to Vancouver on business, then were taking a few days to explore Seattle.  They enjoyed it, but we made sure to point out that it rains here all the time!  We want to go to Nashville someday, so they told us about a bar we should visit called Tootsie’s.  They hadn’t heard of our favorite Nashville bands (Todd Snider and the Nervous Wrecks, Daddy, etc.) but we were interested in anything they knew about the city.  We gave them tips on touring Seattle. 

It was time to go to the show.  There was an opening band, and I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss a minute.  

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

The opening band, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down was interesting and extremely sexy.  The lead singer was Asian- American, with long, layered locks, toned legs pushed into cute cowboy boots and a shimmery gray dress cut just below the butt.  She played a hollow body Gibson with lots of head-banging and jerking motions.  P forgot there was music playing for a few moments!  She was accompanied by a violinist (much more demure than she) and a drummer who played just about every percussion instrument during the show, including a tiny triangle during one song.  She also had a skinny, young bass player who kept the beat alongside the drummer.  Her voice reminded me of Beth Orton or KT Tunstall.  More female artists are going that somewhat annoying, yelping, Oh, Oh style, but it worked for her.  Her music was pop, rockabilly, pretty cool stuff. 

After a long wait in the restroom line, we got back to our seats sans water (the water line was ridiculous with only one concession stand for 3,000 people) and waited impatiently for the Avetts.  The crowd got restless and started clapping and chanting for the boys to come out and play.

Folk/Punk.  Only the Avett Brothers can take a perfectly good five string banjo and punk the hell out of it and bounce all over the stage!   Only the Avett Brothers can head bang with their cellist!  They can harmonize like the Oak Ridge Boys or scream like the Sex Pistols.  They are such an enigma.  Are they Folk? Americana? Punk? Bluegrass? Pop? Yup.  And they’re just…dreamy!  Such an entertaining night of music.   

The Avetts played most of the songs from their new album, I and Love and You.  It’s a little more mellow and more pop than some of their previous stuff, and also features a keyboard throughout.  They kicked it up a notch live, and brought the audience to their feet for the entire show.   They played a few of my old faves including “I Killed Sally’s Lover,” but beyond their live CD from 2005, I didn’t recognize other songs.  That was ok though, because each song was worthy of our attention.  I plan to pick up more albums soon.  Add them to the list.

flickr pics from Hilary Harris: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hilaryharris/sets/72157624540121692/show/

Here’s what the Seattle Times had to say:


[9/2010 – Update–I have since picked up their latest CD, I and Love and You and have fallen in love with them all over again.  I can’t seem to eject  it from my CD player in the car!  Check out the song “Laundry Room” to put you in a seriously romantic and nostalgic mood.  Dreamy, I say.]


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