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Finapalooza IV! Snoqualmie, WA 02.03.12


We made the long haul to Snoqualmie, WA to experience Day Two of Finapalooza IV, a music festival organized by Finaghty’s Irish Pub.  The pub is located in a very sterile block of strip malls atop the relatively new development of Snoqualmie Ridge, about a half hour east of Seattle.  Suburgatory.  The pub was a neighborhood hangout, and we felt like outsiders.  The bar staff were very friendly and accommodating, though, and the food was decent.

All the bands we saw had female lead singers on Night 2 of the festival.  I highly recommend checking out Cristina Bautista + Gold Parts if you haven’t seen her around Seattle with her former band, Visqueen.  The opener, The Juliettes, was campy but entertaining.  And our favorite of the night, whom we’ve seen many times over the last year: Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs.  See Randomville for a previous review of her show.

Cristina Bautista + Gold Parts


Cristina Bautista's Set List

Julie Mains of The Juliettes

Star Anna

Star Anna Set List

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