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Album Review: The Sunmakers

The Sunmakers

I received my download of The Sunmakers’  album Viens Twister ce Soir on a perfect Spring day, and I’ve been smiling ever since.  I put down the ragtop, drove through the Seattle ‘burbs and blasted their album.

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Viens Twister ce Soir, loosely translated as The Twister Comes Tonight, is a traditional surf album with a modern French twist.  The songs include a mix of French and English lyrics with a few instrumental tunes.  The young band is fronted by Billy Dorados on guitar, longtime bandmate Jimmy Sunmakers on drums and Dolly Sunmakers (a.k.a., Carole Tweedlee Dee), Billy’s girlfriend, on bass and vocals.  They have lots of fun with sonic special effects including revving car engines, thunderclaps, howls, bird calls, screams, echoing and fuzzy guitar distortions.  The playful band border on punk at times with explosive lyrics and mosh-pit (or sand-pit) worthy beats.   Most songs are under three minutes with short, catchy guitar licks and recognizable chords from 60’s surf bands.  They seem to embrace the past, but are clever enough to pull those elements into the modern world.

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