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Jackrabbit, Ole Tinder and The Swearengens at Darrell’s Tavern 12.29.12

Jackrabbit plays at Darrell's Tavern

Jackrabbit plays at Darrell’s Tavern

Pat and I were looking foward to hearing our favorite Seattle bands again after another dry month.  Although 2012 was a great year for music, we missed more shows than we hit; we were just too busy with other projects or weren’t around at the same time.  I’m also currently working on another writing project, so I haven’t been motivated to write about any new shows due to time constraints.  I couldn’t resist writing a little about the show at Darrell’s Tavern, though.  What a fun place to see live music!

First of all, if you want to see a great review of this show and awesome pics taken with his new camera, check out my buddy Thom’s blog here: http://liveseattlemusicintheclubs.blogspot.com/2012/12/jackrabbit-ole-tinder-and-swearengens.html

We had a busy Christmas and hosted two parties.  Pat and I were ready to let off some steam and just relax.  Darrell’s sounded like the place to be on a Saturday night, and it was just about 20 minutes from our house.  Growing up in Shoreline, I must have driven by that little tavern a million times.  It sits right next to Fred Meyer on Aurora.  After moving out of the area, I never thought of checking out the music scene there.  Ballard has been our place for music over the last several years.

We walked in about 8:30 and found maybe only 10 people in the tavern.  It was very small, with a surprisingly small “stage,” which was really just a corner of the rectangular room.  We wondered how The Swearengens would fit their giant band into that corner.  Darrell’s was stuck in the  1960’s, complete with a padded, u-shaped bar and with a line of sparkly cracked glass golden globes that hung in the center.  Old beer signs hung on the carpeted walls: Heidelberg, Hamms, Rainier.  But the tavern was CLEAN.  SPOTLESS.  It felt like it had been preserved in that era.  The bar padding and bar stools were pristine, with no rips or tears.  There were a couple of pool tables in another corner and more seating by the front door and stage.  The only thing modern about it was the unique and colorful artwork that hung along the wall by the stage.  Also, the sound system was top notch, and I was later told that Scott the Sound Man was equally terrific and was well respected by the bands.  The bar staff were friendly and fast.  Pat browsed their selection of beers on tap, and I enjoyed a good cosmopolitan.

Around 9:00, more people arrived.  The bands gathered, and Jackrabbit arranged the equipment for their opening set.  We left them alone since we knew they had limited time to get ready.

P and I took our seats at the far end of the bar and just sat back and observed everyone as they walked in.    Before the show began, we got to hang with some of the band.  The guys and gals in the bands know us now.  We’re regular stalkers–er, fans.  Our discussions revolved around back injuries, MRI’s, surgery, VW bus restoration, giving birth, family doctors…you know, the usual band/groupie talk.  We had some good, hearty laughs, too.

Jackrabbit featuring Aimee Zoe Tubbs (Drums), Moe Provencher (Bass), Tony Fulgham (Vocals and Guitar), and J.B. Kardong (Pedal Steel)

Jackrabbit featuring Aimee Zoe Tubbs (Drums), Moe Provencher (Bass), Tony Fulgham (Vocals and Guitar), and J.B. Kardong (Pedal Steel)

Jackrabbit opened at 9:30 sharp, and dove into several rockin’ songs before slowing it down a bit.  Although the place wasn’t quite full, people were flowing in and making their way to the dance floor.   The Swearengens  gang showed their support and danced, and Mike Giacolino from Ole Tinder  joined them.  J.B. Kardong of Ole Tinder also helped out on pedal steel.  My favorite dancing couple was there, too, twirling away.


Heating Up the Dance Floor

Jackrabbit, with Tony Fulgham at the helm, played songs from A Better Place and their self-titled EP as well as a couple of new ones.  I enjoyed a new song with drummer Aimee Zoe on lead vocals.   Another new song had a lyric I like about how it’s good to miss someone when you’re on your way home.  I’ll have to get the title of that song.  I’m hoping it’s on their next release.  Aimee and bassist Moe Provencher were great on harmonies, as usual.   Here’s a previous review of Jackrabbit:  http://randomville.com/live-review-jackrabbit-and-kristen-ward-at-the-tractor-tavern/

Ole Tinder was up next.  Pat talked to J.B. Kardong briefly before his show.  Jay’s grandpa was an obstetrician and actually “birthed” Pat and his brothers!  He was their family doctor for years.

We also struck up a conversation with two guys who came in to watch the football game, Michigan State vs. TCU.  They were really nice and polite.  They talked about football, told us about their interesting lives and how they ended up here from Montana: by car. Ha.  One works at a salon and the other is currently in between jobs; and I really wish I could relay his hilarious story of his former position working security for a major department store, but I will keep mum about that.  He had us in stitches!  I hope we meet them again sometime.  We had a blast talking with them.  It must be the magic of Darrell’s; it felt like we’d known them a long time.

Ole Tinder: Nils Petersen (Bass), Mike Giacolino (Acoustic), Pat Schowe (Drums) and J.B. Kardong (Steel/Guitar).  My favorite dancing couple in foreground.

Ole Tinder: Nils Petersen (Bass), Mike Giacolino (Acoustic), Pat Schowe (Drums) and J.B. Kardong (Steel/Guitar). My favorite dancing couple in foreground.

Ole Tinder wound their way through Loways to a dancing and appreciative crowd.  I love the ole country harmonies from Nils Petersen and Mike G.  Here’s a previous review: http://randomville.com/live-review-ole-tinder-the-swearengens-and-davidson-hart-kingsbery/ which also includes props for The Swearengens.

The Swearengens started around 11:30.  The place was still packed!  They played a long set of original music off Devil Gets Her Way including one of my favorites, “Bloody Glove” as well as some covers.  Pat and I actually got out on the dance floor for a few songs!  Too bad we cannot dance.  We gave it a shot, though.  I wanted to stay for their whole set and hang out a little longer, but knew we had to get a ride soon.  We stayed as late as we could, then played it safe and taxied home before 1:00.

The Swearengens featuring Fritz Marial (Bass), Brian Ochs (Drums), Brigitt Rains (Vocals, Tambourine), Fredd Luongo (Vocals, Guitar) and Soren Godbersen (Guitar)

The Swearengens featuring Fritz Marial (Bass), Brian Ochs (Drums), Brigitt Rains (Vocals, Tambourine), Fredd Luongo (Vocals, Guitar) and Soren Godbersen (Guitar)

We will definitely go back to Darrell’s.  The atmosphere, friendly crowd and staff, great music and convenient location will bring us back again.  What a fantastic way to end our 2012 Concert Season!

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  1. Great review and a good story. That was a fun night, first time I had seen Fredd and The Sweearengens. I wish all bills were that good. And yes, you see why Darrells is my favorite venue; intimate, friendly and fun.

    Comment by Thom | January 7, 2013 | Reply

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