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Bumbershoot 9.1.2007

September 1, 2007 Bumbershoot-Seattle Center

We did manage somehow to get away to Bumbershoot for the first time! I was so excited because several of my new favorite bands were coming: The Gourds, The Avett Bros, The Shins, Ted Leo, and others.

It was hot and packed. We went to Memorial Stadium to see the Shins first after getting some lunch. We didn’t have very good seats because we were right next to the walkway where everyone stands to see where their friends are. We stayed for about 4 songs and got out. I couldn’t believe the stadium was so packed. I was mad that we didn’t get there sooner. P and the boy were already getting cranky because of the crowds.

We wandered around, looked at the craft booths, and tried to get a view of some of the bands playing by the fountain. We decided to leave and take the Monorail down to Westlake for an early dinner before the Gourds came on. That was a nice break away from the noise and people. The place was almost deserted. After filling up and relaxing, we went back to the stage where the Avett Bros were finishing up. We really liked their harmonies and unique mix of country, rock, bluegrass, and Americana sound.

We found seats in a VIP section on the side of the stage in the Starbucks fenced area. Thanks to P for going online and getting the free passes! So not only did we have stools and a table just feet from the side of the stage, we were in the shade of a tree, and we had Starbucks coffee!

We had fun watching the performers, including The Gourds, get their gear out, go back and forth in front of us, etc.  They came ready to play for the adoring crowd, now growing larger around us.   Our boy enjoyed the Gourds, too. P wanted to go a little early, so we didn’t stay for the whole set. We did hear some of our favorite songs including “Pill Bug Blues”, which has become P’s song to me. I’ve since learned it on guitar, and want to learn it on mandolin someday. I could have stayed all day and listened, but the boys got restless in the crowds. Overall it was a good experience for all of us.

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