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David Corley’s New EP and Tour

Lights Out a3352222385_16

Cover art and design by Kari Auerbach

David Corley, whose triumphant story is now legendary among the world of independent music, has come back from the dead (literally) to produce a new 2016 EP entitled, appropriately, Lights Out. This EP, again produced by Hugh Christopher Brown, is a follow-up to Available Light, his debut album released near the end of 2014.

Where Available Light was quiet and introspective Americana with a couple of rockers, this new EP rocks and rolls, circa 1970. Corley doesn’t hold back on sing-talking his way through each song, with powerful, shaggy vocals in the forefront. There is such a great, up-tempo 70’s groove throughout the whole album. It’s heavy on guitar, organ (with a serious nod to early Petty), and drums, but still as lyrical and poetic as Available Light. He does slow down a bit and sings a country-blues tale of bad timing and missed opportunities on “Blind Man”, which includes the mournful whine of a harmonica, reminiscent of a Willie Nelson song.

Please check out Cara Gibney’s heartfelt article and interview with David, which includes the real-life story behind “Blind Man”, working with Sherman Holmes, and partner-love Kari Auerbach’s artistic interpretation of the album cover: http://nodepression.com/interview/lights-out-david-corley

Listen to and purchase the entire EP here: David Corley – Lights Out on Bandcamp

David is touring Europe starting this week in The Netherlands and moving to Ireland for Kilkenny Roots Festival over the weekend, starting May 1. Check out the incredible lineup here: http://kilkennyroots.com/

Check out David’s full tour here: http://davidcorleymusic.com/shows/

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Official Video of “Easy Mistake” from Available Light:



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“Selah” by David Corley is Released by Prisoners



An anonymous piece of artwork from one of the prisoners at Pittsburgh Institution

David Corley wrote a song and gave it to his friend and producer, Hugh Christopher Brown. Chris took the song to the prisoners that he mentors at Pittsburgh Institution in Canada in a program called Pros and Cons Program.  The result, along with an entire album of other songs, is a powerful reminder of humanity at its finest, regardless of prison walls.

See my No Depression Article below for more information, and take a listen:



Check out Brown’s Tedx Talk for more information regarding the Pros and Cons Program:

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David Corley – World Domination Postponed For Now…

Shocking and Funny at the Same Time: No one wants to wake up to a note like this.

Shocking and Funny at the Same Time: No one wants to wake up to a note like this.

Less than two weeks after my last post about David Corley, he collapsed on stage during the final song of his set while playing at the TakeRoot festival in The Netherlands. A quick-thinking audience member gave him CPR and saved his life. He is still in the hospital in Groningen, NL as of this writing, resting and recovering. He is surrounded by love, near and far. His producer, band mate, and friend, H. Chris Brown is by his side, keeping David’s humor up (see picture, above).

A fundraiser has been set up to offset David’s medical bills. This man has a heart of gold, but now his heart needs some TLC, too. Please donate so he can recover without worry and continue to make beautiful music. Thank you. Here is the link for donations: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/566b/david-corley-s-heart-needs-your-help

To listen to David’s debut album Available Light, click here: https://continentalrecordservices.bandcamp.com/album/available-light

Check out his Facebook pages here: https://www.facebook.com/Corleyheart?hc_location=ufi

And here: https://www.facebook.com/DavidCorleyMusic?fref=ts

David Corley Thanks YOU!

David Corley Thanks YOU!


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Interview with David Corley for No Depression

David Corley

David Corley

My interview with David Corley regarding his debut album, Available Light posted on No Depression today.  See the article and full interview here: http://nodepression.com/interview/david-corley-wishes-right-star-and-debut-album-soars

I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of his journey.  Looking forward to watching his album continue to soar!  Many thanks to Bernadette Quigley for the opportunity to interview him, and to Paul Kerr over at Blabber ‘N’ Smoke for catching my eye with your glowing review of David’s album! Check it out: https://paulkerr.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/david-corley-available-light/

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Stay Tuned for Interview with David Corley on No Depression

I was just offered a chance to interview David Corley for No Depression this week. Stay tuned for more details. His debut album, Available Light is brilliant, so I’m looking forward to spreading the news.  Meanwhile, check out his new video of his single, “Easy Mistake”, listen to his album on Bandcamp and purchase your own copy.  Support this talented artist!

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