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Ryan Adams and the Cardinals January 2008

January 26, 2008

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

Paramount Theatre

P and I enjoyed Ryan Adams and the Cardinals on Sat, our first show of 2008. We stayed in the Paramount Hotel, right across the street from the Paramount Theatre. This was quite a fun night. Ryan was right up there with Todd Snider on the laugh-out-loud scale. Really funny guy, extremely talented and very entertaining.

After a very short ride into Seattle, we pulled up to the Paramount Hotel and P went in the lobby to check in. As I was waiting in the truck (wishing I were in the Mini) here came the whole band out the front doors, making their way to the theatre for a sound check! I almost peed a little! Had I any nerve I would’ve jumped out of the truck and had them sign my CD that was right there in the console! Damn! And no sharpie! Ryan looked right in the truck at me, so that was cool. I’m such an almost-groupie.

I’ve liked Ryan since the days of Whiskeytown, and am enjoying his latest album, Easy Tiger. Ryan and the band put on a terrific show. He’s such a quirky character, but the rest of the talented band seemed patient and knew when to wait for him to calm down, light his cigarette, have a little chat with the audience, etc.

He was very eager to involve the audience in his show. He even made a digital “movie” with his camera and requested that we all stand up and act like zombies, then put our hands on our heads to form “eyeballs” <*> and chant something like, “All Cardinals Activate!” It was crazy! And in between all the jokes and interruptions and a short intermission (he told us to have a smoke or take a 5-minute poo) the music was a phenomenal mix of old and new music from his prolific library, alt-country to Zeppelin-infused psychedelic rock, as well as a cover of Alice In Chains.

An amazing night, and perfect first-concert-of-the-year weekend! Oh, and the best line of the night…someone yelled out for him to play “Summer of 69” (Bryan Adams! Which is funny, because I had to keep explaining to people including my guitar instructor that I was seeing RYAN not BRYAN) and so he yelled back, “Hey, I heard you talking about that Summer of 69 dude from Canada. It’s YOUR Karma, dude, not mine!”


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