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The Black Crabs at The Sunset Tavern 6.26.2012

The Black Crabs

We ventured out on a Tuesday night to watch The Black Crabs perform again, this time at The Sunset Tavern.  P and I fell in love with the whole Rockabilly scene after our initiation at the Big Sandy show a couple of weeks ago.  Tuesday isn’t the most profitable night for musicians; so we thought we’d share the love, grab some great pizza at The Sunset and at least stay through their set. The bill also included The King County Shakes, Henry Golden Boys and a guest appearance by Zoe Muth.  Sorry, we’ll have to catch y’all at a later date.

Kirsten Ballweg and Tom Forster

The best part of the night came when Johnny 7 of The Black Crabs took the stage and donned his guitar for the first time since a dog bite left him unable to play.  He still had pins in his pinky finger and normally wore a brace on it.  After removing the brace and a quick warm-up, he was ready.  Although he said it felt a little stiff at first, he dove in and managed to power through a 12-song set.  It was great seeing him behind the guitar, although his “awesome dance moves” were missed.  Kirsten Ballweg on bass and drummer Tom Forster had fun with vocals and solos.  I wished more people had shown up, but the tiny Sunset filled in by the middle of the set.

We decided to go home right after The Black Crabs finished, knowing 5:00 am would come too soon. We said our goodbyes with promises to see them again. On the drive home, we made a quick stop at Dick’s Drive-In, shared a milkshake and savored our “bonus” night out.

Here’s the setlist:

All I Can Do

Lotta Lovin’

Black Cat Boogie

Let’s Elope


Smart Attack

Thirteen Times

Not Knowing

Say Mama

Sweet Sweet


Blast Off!

The Black Crabs are playing this Saturday, June 30 at the Greenwood Car Show, so of course we’re going.  P also has a friend who is showing his car.  Bonus.

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