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Toubab Krewe and Railroad Earth at The Showbox 09.25.10

Toubab Krewe

We were blessed with the talents of Toubab Krewe and Railroad Earth on Saturday at The Showbox.  Up to about a week ago, I’d never heard of either band.  I thought Toubab was the name of a rapper!  Wrong.  They are a genre-bending and continent-crossing band of artists who left us mesmerized with their unique sound.   I don’t know how to describe a band that can sound African and Country at the same time.  If they come to your town, just go.  Go and experience them for yourself.  Some of the instruments were foreign to me, but had such a siren-like quality.  I was drawn in and didn’t want them to stop.  Their percussion was precise, perfect.  The five became one as individual instruments blended into a frenzy of thumps, clacks and riffs that echoed around the cavernous theatre.   Listen for yourself here:  www.toubabkrewe.com.

We heard about both bands through a former student P knew when we taught high school.  They connected on Facebook and realized they were into similar music.  He and his girlfriend invited us for dinner at the Triple Door’s Musiquarium, then on to The Showbox.  They had seen both bands before and encouraged us to go.  We were very happy to see them and catch up on our busy lives.  I was also very excited to experience some new music.

Next up was Railroad Earth.   I downloaded some live music off their site www.railroadearth.com earlier in the week to get in the mood.  I enjoyed their bluegrass style.  They take it to the next level by adding and swapping a variety of instruments, including two very different acoustic guitars, mandolin, violin, electric guitar, bass, stand-up bass and drums.  They were also into very long jams, similar to Phish or The Grateful Dead. JamGrass!

Railroad Earth

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