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The Paperboys Friday, Dec. 23, 2011

The Paperboys

After a busy November and hectic December, we managed to squeeze in The Paperboys for one last show of 2011.  We were so fortunate to see so many great artists this year, many for the first time.  The Paperboys are one of our top 10 favorite bands.  They bring so much joy to the stage, that even the worst moods can turn around while listening to their jubilant sound.  On this evening, I found myself literally filling my lungs, trying to absorb as much of that joy and energy as I could.  So much stress and drama seems to surround me this month, and I wanted for one night to forget it all and just surround myself in a protective blanket of music and love.  I got my Christmas wish.  And a new camera!

Hattie's Hat, Circa 1904

We started out the night at Hattie’s Hat, our favorite dark little bar, circa 1904.  The food, a shared beef brisket, cooked 10 hours, and steamed greens and other veggies.  We then walked up to Bastille and had a trifecta of drinks to accompany our fantastic dessert.  The trifecta arrived first: Jameson followed by a sip of Baileys, then a sip of espresso.  The dessert soon arrived: vanilla ice cream with tiny dark chocolate chunks nestled in between puff pastry and doused in warm caramel.  Decadent!  Full and happy, we entered The Tractor, and again, like some kind of miracle, our little table next to the stage was available; the show would start in ten minutes.

Tractor Tavern

We set up our drinks (with plenty of water, knowing the night would be long and warm), hung our jackets and prepared to smile.  I briefly glanced at the names of the opening act, but soon realized the duo would be the only opener before The Paperboys took the stage.  One of the members of the duo was none other than Kendel Carson, the beautiful blonde fiddle player who used to play with The Paperboys.  This was going to be a great night!

Dustin Bentall and Kendel played for close to an hour of folk music, and warmed our hearts.  They were a sweet duet and her playing was so skilled.

Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson

Our anticipation grew as the crew set up for The Paperboys.  The crowd crushed closer to the stage, but we stood our ground.  One annoying woman pushed her way next to me and never even excused herself.  She knew the band, but that was still no excuse to be rude, especially since we’d already been standing there for over an hour.  We were able to keep our table, though, and that was ok with us.  Also, across the stage from us was our favorite little lady, who was seated at her special table.  Her husband, who is Pat’s doppleganger Dad, was not with her this night.  We’ve seen them every time The Paperboys play.  We spoke with them last time, and they said they aren’t related to the band, but just love them so much, that they never miss a show.  They even admitted they follow them around to other gigs in Washington!  Groupies!  I hope we still go out 25 or 30 years from now.

The Paperboys did not disappoint.  Once again they played the old favorites and a few new ones, but always kept the crowd on their feet dancing and swaying and clapping to the upbeat sound.  Their music cannot be categorized; it’s a soup of multi-cultural flavors, from Mexican and Cuban influences to Celtic fiddles and Reggae beats.  Each musician got their turn at wowing the audience with solos and accompaniment.  Kendel joined Kalissa for a rollicking fiddle showdown.  It was a joyous evening, and I didn’t want it to end.

More pics…

Brad Gillard on Banjo and Bass

Kalissa Hernandez and Tom Landa

Tom's Birthday Banner with Sam Esecson on Drums

Dueling Fiddlers


Flanked by Fiddles

Standing on Table for Solo


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