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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 3.29.08

March 29, 2008


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 

 The Boss! Finally, we got to see The Boss. Would have preferred to see him at Asbury Park, but this will have to do for now. This weekend was weird. I was starting my new job on Monday, but this was a perfect transition thing to do. I had a rough month. I was an emotional wreck thinking about leaving my old company after 10 years, and leaving some attachments and emotions behind. I needed to do it, and everything about it felt right, but it was still very hard. So it was good that we got away, stayed downtown at the Pan Pacific Hotel, and just got back to each other. 

The bad news was that we had to see them at the Key Arena. Yuck. It’s such a steep venue, that although we were relatively close to the stage, he was only about ½ inch tall. It was like watching him from heaven. I brought binoculars, but they didn’t do much good. The music, though, was awesome. He played almost every song from his new album, Magic. And, of course, brought the house down with the old favorites: Born to Run, Born in the USA, She’s the One, etc. 

I didn’t really ever think of Bruce as hot (he‘s old!), and yet I felt extremely left out when I saw that a couple of hundred very lucky people from the GA section got to go up front and stand next to the stage. They were the ones who had an absolute full-on concert experience because they got to be right there where the action was happening, up close and personal! Some lucky girls in the front grabbed his legs (P noticed–all the way up the thigh!) in his tight jeans and he also let them strum his guitar at the end of one rousing song. I was sooo jealous. I know what it’s like to be near the stage, and it’s so much different when you have to sit so far away. Just not the same experience. 

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