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CSN Chateau Ste Michelle 6.6.2008

June 6, 2008 

Crosby, Stills and Nash 

Chateau Ste Michelle Winery, Woodinville


We had a Peace-and-Love Friday with CSN. Rain or shine. Well, it didn’t rain. But it was so cold I was wearing my ski parka while drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers.  The weather held out and the sky cleared just as they started the show. They had propane heaters up on the stage for the boys. It was so cold, the poor guys were bundled up! Crosby wore a little striped stocking cap all night and looked like a homeless Santa, but he could still sing! 

They were great. I was warned by a co-worker that the last time he saw CSN they did not sound very well. He said they were just not harmonizing like they used to, and were even apologetic. This time, they were on their game. They really sounded amazing. The boys did a great job with harmonies, hammering out hit after hit. They started with some slower songs, then picked up pace in the second half. 

They had to take turns warming themselves under the heaters. It was really blustery and cold. But at least it didn’t rain. In fact, the clouds cleared away as the sun set. It was really a beautiful evening. We’d never seen them before, and they were on my list of concerts to see before they (or I) died. 

What we found incredibly sad was the fact that their anti-war songs still have meaning today. One funny thing David Crosby said was, “If our President cannot pronounce the word ‘nuclear’, should he be allowed to…” 

Crosby and Nash constantly made jabs at each other, even swore at each other a few times, but all in good fun and humor. 

At the end, we started leaving, until we realized there was an encore. We hustled back up to the front of the stage and got some great shots up close. That was well worth the trouble of then getting stuck in the crowds on the way out. 

We dodged most of the crowds and headed across the street to the brewery for some more food before taking a taxi home. Another fun time! 

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