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Weird Al is Taking Over the World with “Mandatory Fun”

Weird Al Yankovic is ordering us to have Mandatory Fun.  The fun has already started this week, with the release of one music video a day to promote his new album.  Here’s the first one, guaranteed to make you happy:


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Weird Al Yankovic 9.12.2007

September 12, 2007  Weird Al Yankovic at Puyallup Fair 


I know, I know. I’ve seen so many amazing concerts, famous musicians and artists over the years. And then there’s Al. Weird Al. My son wanted to go, so how could I refuse. 

I bought tickets for this in early summer, and P didn’t want to go. By the time the fair came along, he decided it would be ok to go. He ended up sitting in the grandstands by himself, but he had a good time. The boy and I had reserved seats. I thought I’d get good ones, but waited a couple of days, and got Row 36. They were ok, right near the aisle. 

I think this was the most entertaining show we have seen all year. Weird Al really did it up big! He has a new parody album out right now and it received a Grammy! It’s too funny, with parodies of pop, rap and hip-hop songs played on the accordion, etc. He has about 25 years of music under his belt, so it was a real blast going back to the days of Michael Jackson’s “Just Eat It” and “I’m Fat” and Madonna’s “Like a Surgeon”. And of course his homage to Star Wars that involved storm troopers, Skywalkers, Yoda, Darth, etc. In between songs or sets of songs, he would play videos of “interviews” with stars such as K-Fed and Jessica Simpson. They were so funny! My son was howling. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing through the whole show! We met up with P afterward who also enjoyed it. 

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